Wednesday, June 06, 2007


As if I needed more proof that my resident humans were demented and insane... they have just brought into the house a non-mammal of the "hunted" category.

"Mr. Toad" as they call him was rescued only minutes ago from Troublenut outside who tried to pat-pat-pat him to death.

Follows not a quick throwing over the fence, no! They decide to lock me out of my eating quarters and treat the cold, squishy blob to a photo shoot on the dining table.

Mr. Toad got his own back for which I would almost respect him, was he not what I consider an appetiser... as he lept towards the lense, my female tormentor screamed such a high-pitched scream that it could only be rewarded with a wet patch on the dining surface. And I leave to your imagination to work out what kind of wet patch I am talking about.

Oh, I would also like to be the first to announce the scientific discovery that toads can, in fact, hear.



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